Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Traffic Violations

Yesterday morning a red Blazer ran two stop signs in front of me. At the first one, I had the right of way at the corner of Rambler and Meadowlark. He sailed right on through. There was no close call but he didn't even slow down.

The second was only two blocks south, at 17th and Rambler Road, He/she turned right onto 17th with no hesitation. The tag was from McPherson County. I'm pretty sure they have stop signs there.

I guess I'm sensitive to this is because several years ago, I waited at a stop sign for a car to go by and my wheels did not come to a complete stop. That's called running a stop sign. Now that I'm $105 wiser, I make sure that all four tires are not rolling. Years ago I had a friend who said that all you needed to be legal was to get all four wheels to stop so he would slam on the breaks with that horrible sound and proceed. This would be in an isolated area with no police around. If there had been law enforcement there, he would have gotten a citation for exhibition driving.

Be careful out there.

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  1. Some people just don't care about traffic laws. They put themselves and others in danger...idiots.