Sunday, July 1, 2018


We had a lot of thunder over night and some rain. I won't know the amount until tomorrow's paper arrives. Our rain gauge is long gone.

So far I have not heard any fireworks but Lee tells me he heard some late last night far, far away. The only good thing about having a hearing loss is that I did not hear them from inside the house.

We did drive to Walgreen's for a needed item (Sweet Tea which was on sale!) and heard one loud report near a firework stand in a parking lot for Hayes record store. That store is gone.

Also, Sears, Dillard's, Service Merchandise, Penney's, K-Mart, Target are all closed. No wonder the city has lower sales tax figures. They need to cut expenses so they will start with the art community.
Maybe they'll pick up some extra money with the sales tax on all the stands selling fireworks.

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  1. Fireworks stands are here too but I noticed Walmart had a whole bunch for sale:)