Saturday, July 28, 2018


A cool morning and a trip to pickup a prescription.

Then on to the ATM only to find out the card is NOT in my wallet. All the way home I hoped it was in Lee's bill fold because I didn't remember taking it out of mine. Also hoping it wasn't lost.

Thank goodness it was in Lee's wallet on the desk. He seldom carries it with him. And why do we only have one card?

It also crossed my mind that I should check to see what one does if the debit card does disappear.  I suppose call the bank" tout suite."

After all that excitement, I had to have a nap.


  1. You should take a photo of every card you have front and back or scan them and then print out the copies...or email them to yourself...just incase...all the numbers to call for a stolen card are on the back...but if your card is missing you might not have the # to call:)

  2. Thanks. I did that in the past. Need to do it again now that I have scanner AND a printer.