Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Mystery

The dog tag was found in the hall.  Lee saw it and picked it up. Later he saw the wire imbedded in the carpet in the dining room. Both ends were hooked into the carpet. I tried to pick it up and could not believe that BOTH ends were caught. I had to move it back and forth to release it. That wire is so strong that neither one of us could bend it.

This was from Jill's collar. She likes roll around on the carpet before she comes to rest. How in the world that became stuck in the rug with the tag in a different location, I will never know.

We are just glad it wasn't lost in the backyard jungle.


  1. Was Jill standing on her head or doing exercises:)

  2. We don't know but judging by her girth, I'd say neither.