Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More Cable News

Well, we got our bill from the cable company. I guess when they bring out new equipment there is a nice little charge of $75. They didn't tell me that when I called them to tell them I didn't believe I could attach the new boxes to all three televisions. A technician came out, found some old wiring that needed replaced and installed the three new boxes.

Then after that was done, there was nothing but trouble from June 7th till June 25th. Several calls later and a tech came out and installed a new "brain" box. The first one was defective.

I don't know if the charge was for when the tech replaced the cable, or when the other tech brought in the new box. I guess we were lucky it wasn't a double charge for equipment. After all, I toted home the three boxes the first time - when all I wanted was a new remote.

A very nice gentleman took my call today. They should have told me there was a charge. He also removed some other charge that was put on. Lee was ready to tell them to come get all of their equipment. (He's so impulsive.)  So the check I wrote is about eighty dollars less than the bill shows.
He assured me that the discrepancy will be taken care of on the computer billing. I hope he's right.


  1. Hope you got his name...I always do and make a note right on the bill...I called your Customer Service Dept at time /date and spoke to whoever who lowered your bill. I guess I don't trust what they say sometimes.

  2. I asked him if I should make a note on the bill and he said not necessary. I wish I had anyway!