Friday, June 8, 2018

Many Errands

The mornings are cool so you want to do what you have to outside before noon.  It didn't work out that way so much today.

A trip to retrieve a prescription and deliver it to the pharmacy; a trip to buy yarn for a small blue afghan (Congrats to number three!)

Before all that there were some interesting events. When I turned on the television after all the revisions from yesterday, I was asked to  "set up the remote."  We did that yesterday. I checked and all three tv's demanded the same operation. What the heck?

So I'm watching my morning news show and eek! Frozen picture.  Just like Skype. Good grief.

This happened about four more times on the set in the office (third bedroom.) No problems on the super sized set in the bedroom.

During early morning, I punched that off button about five times, waited and tried again. Sometimes it would  respond and sometimes not. After lunch I got online and chatted with a helper from the provider. He ran a check and so far so good.

However, we were receiving channels that were not included in our new package. Mr. L, who usually has no problem spending money, was sure we were going to be charged mega bucks for those premium channels. So in the heat of the day, off to the local store. They took a look and the clerk the day before had told me Showtime and HBO. Nope, it's HBO and Cinemax. All is well in the tv world for a year. After that, renegotiate! Then I gave them the story about the freezing picture. Oh, he says, we had an outage this morning - that might have been it. Well, only on two of our sets. That makes no sense.

I was pleasant to the guy but let him know that we expected it to "work" with the amount we shell out every month for our main entertainment. Yep, we are hooked on tv (and the internet.)
When I left I told him I hoped I didn't have to come back and bitch at him again.

He laughed.  Does anybody else remember rabbit ears or if you were one hundred miles away from the nearest station, a tall tower in the back yard with a rotor to point toward one of the two stations in the state? Simpler times.


  1. I DO remember rabbit ears, a little black and white TV set that we hit on top when it got fuzzy while watching "Bewitched" when I was a kid! :)

    1. Yes, I remember hitting the top to get a better picture!

  2. Yes we hung tin foil on rabbit ears! My parents had a tower...and a roter and you had to turn it a different ways to get different stations..,complicated and we were not allowed to touch that piece of equipment! We have local TV, Phone and Internet all in one bill. It is expensive but by golly you can't take it with you and I would go nuts without internet and cable in Minnesota...the phone I could do without.
    I hope you are pleased with your should be a happy customer and if not then keep complaining!

    1. More freezing, more black screens instead of video and more calls to tech support. Grrr