Friday, October 17, 2014

We Weren't Really Lost

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Yesterday we went to South Hutchinson. This is a completely separate city from our town. Some people are confused by this. It's a bit like Kansas City, KS, and Kanas City, MO - but not really.

Anyway, a new overpass has been built at the south end of Lorraine Street. The overpass is part of the regular highway that we needed to enter. I drove past the exit which looked completely different from the last time we drove out that way. (We don't get out much.) After we went under the overpass, there was this lovely yellow sign on the four lanes.

Amazing. I wonder if that road will ever be connected to another link. If not, why build the overpass in the first place? The one nice thing: there was plenty of room to turn around and no other traffic.

Later I turned left on a red light that should have been a green arrow because there were no oncoming cars. That was my reasoning but L. didn't think it was a very good idea.

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