Sunday, October 12, 2014


Image result for photos of drive-in movie speakersThese speakers worked well for drive-in movies. However, I find the quality of speakers at most drive-thru restaurants are not so great. Today we thought chicken tenders sounded good for Sunday dinner (our noon meal for you who weren't raised in the Midwest.)
I tried to order the three tender special. The answer came back, "Do you want the $5 meal?"
Answer: "No." I tried again with the original request. Same answer. "Do you want $5 meal?"
"No." I then asked if they understood what I had said. Answer, "No." So I restated what it said on the menu - three tender special. Same reply, "Do you want the $5 meal?"

I gave up and said yes.  

I think they may be pushing the $5 meal.

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