Saturday, October 4, 2014

Progress in Downtown Hutch

On the left, the beige building with the fire escape is the Wiley Building, a former department
store with offices of dentists, podiatrist and a grain board on the upper floors. I have
mentioned it is being refurbished into apartments after spending many years
in limbo with an out of state owner.
Next to it one can see the Historic Fox Theater, built in 1931 - a very good year - and restored
a few years ago with even the same carpet pattern as the original one. The art deco
light fixtures are still in place and it is a fabulous place that we almost lost because
of no vision!
Now we have the new building with the wine colored painted front plus the brick
façade above the opening to the parking garage for the tenants of the new apartments.
The other tan building behind the garage is the former Baker Hotel, built in about 1951.
Legend  has it that William Holden leaned out a window there when he was in town
filming the movie "Picnic."
Exciting times for our downtown! (not the part about Mr. Holden.)

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