Friday, October 17, 2014

The Key Was Lost

 This key belongs to a desk that my parents bought early in their marriage (1928). I remember it always being in our home. I stood on one of the yellow chairs to my table set to help Mama dust.

 This morning the key was missing from its usual place. It is never used to lock the drop down door but is used as a handle to open the hidden area. A search began. Under, around, away and near. No key. Luckily L. remembered after much searching that there had been a cloth basket full of laundry on the chair. (He did some clothes washing while I napped. How nice is that?) Since I had folded all the laundry, he checked the empty basket and there was the key.
The old desk has been moved only seven times since I've been around. It's looking its age but aren't we all?

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