Friday, February 3, 2012

A Small Mystery

There are very few things that happen around here that are unusual so today when I received a survey from a local business addressed to me with the first letter wrong in our last name, I jumped to correct it. This was a hand written address.

Let me add, that an error like that can upset the whole insurance industry and since this mistake involved health insurance, I called the office right away.

While I was talking to the clerk and she was coaxing her computer to work after a lunch break, I noticed that under the wrong letter some correction tape had been used. And the B was in a different color ink than the rest.

Holding the envelope up to a light, I was unable to see the original letter but it didn't look like an N.  I mentioned this to the nice lady on the line and she said, "I send those out but I would never have sent it out with a correction like that!"

So there is the mystery. Who changed the letter; from what; and why? We'll probably never know. 

 But the most important thing is, the name is correct in the computer.

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  1. That is just plain weird. I have a friend who retired from being a postal inspector, and when I see her again, I am going to ask her if she'd ever heard of something like that going on within the postal service.