Thursday, February 9, 2012

Food Fetish

I do not remember but have been told that when I was very small, I wanted only one food on my plate at a time. After all, I was the only child in the house and obviously a spoiled brat.
The main object however, was to get me to eat so my mother did this in order to get some nourishment down my gullet.
Later, many things could be on my plate but they must not touch. Luckily I grew out of this childish stuff.

This is leading up to explain my aversion to a television ad for a local "restaurant." They offer a breakfast with scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes and sausage all served up in a styrofoam cup. As if that weren't revolting enough, they pour some type of gravy over all.

Just give me a cup of coffee, please.


  1. I started to be that way,with my food... but Dad said, "Obviously you've never been in the Army...they pile it all on your plate with gravy on top. It all goes down the same pipe." I must have heard that a thousand times. It didn't make me eat in any different way in those days.

  2. I'm pretty partial to mashed potatoes mixed with corn and usually some sort of chicken entree carefully inserted into an even more steadily devised hole in a dinner roll. Thus creating the perfect travel sized dinner!!!