Friday, February 10, 2012


A long time ago a friend, Ruthann, told me that she would never say or do anything to intentionally hurt someone else. It made me think - neither would I. At least as an adult I would not.
In childhood it must have been a different story. I do remember standing outside the second grade classroom behind the door as punishment. The reason for this was not in my memory bank until our 45th high school reunion when Karen H. asked me if I remembered stepping on her caterpiller that she brought to school for show and tell.

I absolutely do not remember this execution/murder taking place. My mind must have buried that horrible occasion but saved the "stand behind the door" part.

I wonder if there have been other times that I have said or done things that hurt friends or family. I certainly didn't mean to because I was too sensitive to things said to me. My mom used to say I wore my feelings on my sleeve. Have you heard that expression lately? Instead of being brave and ignoring hurtful things, I would end up in tears...very embarrassing in public places.

There is a lot teasing in our family but nothing really mean or hurtful.  On the second or third date my husband-to-be looked at me and said the following: "Your eyes. They are like two hen turds in a bowl of clabber."   I laughed and could see right then that this was going to be a funny and different relationship. It was a line he had heard from another sailor and just outright stole it!

If I have ever said anything that was mean or that offended any of my friends or family, I apologize. What we need is more kindness  in this world.

And as the Beatles said, "All we need is love,"


  1. We do a lot of friendly teasing in our family. My son is the champ at this. He used to tease his sister...making me think that they would never be close in later years. He is still a big tease, but they are close. That caterpillar story is so cute. To be remembered after 45 yrs.

  2. The best thing is to think of good deeds because you have so many, including raising to bratty handfuls as sons.....