Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Former Pegues and Wright store

The store was later called simply Pegues. This was "the" store for shopping in our town for many years. Fashions, jewelry, cosmetics, fine china and all things feminine.
Now closed a long time, the store is losing the modern panels installed to modernize it. They are falling off. It seems each one weighs about eighty pounds so there has been some concern about possible injuries.
I don't remember the facade before but it was reported that it was quite remarkable. If you look closely, you can see the sculpted wheat stalks which did add a nice Kansas touch.
Now it seems as if the building wants to shed these modern, flat, metal tiles and let the old front show once again. I'm afraid the old front was destroyed when the alteration was made. My hope is that someone will repair or replace what is there and find a use for the place.
Today's fog adds to the melancholy look.

Later: I found a photo on the internet of the original storefront.

208 N. Main Street
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