Friday, January 26, 2018

Scams Are Everywhere

We get lots of phone calls. With caller ID in place, we do not answer most of them because they are from places in the United States where we know no one. If the calls are legitimate, they will leave a message. If they do not, I have not wasted my time to answer their call.

Today in the mail we received a weird letter. Through the window in the envelope, only my husband's first name appeared. No last name. The address was correct. The contents informed us that we now qualify to permanently eliminate all future Timeshare Maintenance Fees.

We do not, nor have we ever had a Timeshare. They have made several attempts to contact us. (Perhaps one of the unanswered calls?) This may be their last attempt. We even have an account reference number. If they do not hear from us soon, they cannot guarantee qualification.

We don't plan to call their number  "at our earliest convenience."

I guess we just won't qualify.

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