Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Faucet Drip

With the colder temperatures, we have been letting at least one faucet drip to avoid frozen pipes.

In the small bathroom off our biggest bedroom, (technically the Master Bedroom) we have a faucet that always drips anyway. It must need a new washer. I told Lee that it was already dripping so we could just use that one to prevent frozen pipes!

Well, I went in to check and the darned thing was not dripping. Not a drop. I turned it on and shut it  off as I always did, pressing hard on the handle which never stopped it before.

We decided to use the one in the kitchen.

Another thing about that small bathroom which I used to call the Master Bath because it was near the Master Bedroom - it is actually called "en suite." The Master Bath is the large bathroom with a tub, shower, sink and toilet. The en suite has only a shower, sink and stool and the term means adjoining another room.

The things you learn on HGTV!

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