Monday, April 17, 2017

Seventy Year Typing Certificate

We have just a few documents from our families. I'm sure our high school diplomas are around somewhere but this turned up yesterday.

From Lebo, Kansas, in Coffey County, my husband earned this certificate in his first year of typing. He was sixteen and a junior in high school. I met him five years later after he had graduated and served four years in the navy. Yes, in at seventeen and out at twenty-one. We met on a blind date and were married three and a half months later. I'm sure my parents thought I was nuts but we were twenty-one and I guess since this year will be year sixty-five, we must have been right.

I don't think I know where the wedding certificate is!


  1. To be fair, that was before we had vowels and all other 26 characters in the alphabet so accuracy was easier. But still, good job!

  2. You better find that marriage certificate and file it with your important papers! What a cool love story, tell us more about the blind date, like who arranged it and what did you do on the date? :)

    1. In 3rd year of college. Friend had a date with him but she got a letter from her boy friend that day and felt guilty about going on a picnic so asked me to go in her place. Free, Caucasian and twenty-one, I went.