Monday, April 24, 2017

Doctor Day

Another trip to the clinic. Our visit today was with the P.A. It was very pleasant and things went well until she asked us if  L. was taking the two new over the counter medicines that the doctor had suggested.

I looked at L. and he looked at me. Had we both forgotten? I know it's easy to disremember at this age but neither of us have any recollection of a suggestion to buy this product. It was written on the chart, which now is an iPad, but we are really losing it or someone forgot to tell us. No big deal. We went immediately to the pharmacy to buy them. They only carry one, B 12.

On to a larger pharmacy at our grocery. They don't carry it either but will order it for us and it will be there by noon tomorrow.

In case you're wondering, the item is B 1, Thiamine, pronounced Thi'a-meen. Never heard it pronounced that way before but that must be used in medical circles.

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