Sunday, April 23, 2017

Too Many Accounts

I like putting photos on the computer. I like sharing them with family.

So I opened an Instagram account at some time in the dim past - and I guess I forgot that I had done that.

Then I got on the account that I thought I had and found the older one. I need to delete one. Their help page is no help. They only give me the option of deleting the one I want to keep.

I guess I'll just use one and ignore the other.

Technology seems SO complicated sometimes.


  1. I know nothing about Instagram so you are way ahead of me! :)

    1. My first digital camera was so neat. It was a Sony and there was a small device that remained plugged into a port on the PC and when you wanted to download pictures from the camera, you just turned on the camera and set it down facing the device. Electronically transferred. I considered that magical.