Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Seasonal Shift

We had many spring days in February. Now we are having fall days in April. Windy and chilly but sunny today.

My sister-in-law in New Jersey and I have been making afghans. Since all of our four grandchildren have at least one or two, I am making "spares." J. has ten grands so she is quite busy. In her spare time, friends of her daughter express their yearning for one so she obliges and I have lost count how many she has made. We share our results on Skype and talk every day.

There are many ideas on the internet and the latest that I have tried are crocheted "sweaters" for mugs. Since Picasa has morphed into Google Photos, I'm not sure how to include a phot in the blog.
Well, I can't post the mugs but I was able to add the following:

This is the birth date of my dad's cousin, Violet R. Hampton Dewey. I have a photo of her taken for  a contest "A Nation of Readers" at the Hutchinson Public Library.
Wonder of wonders, I was able to include the photo. The pitcher on the table was one she bought for her mother when she was a small child, about five. She saw it in a store and asked her dad to get it for her mom. This photo was my entry in a contest "A Nation of Readers" at the Hutchinson Public Library. Under the crocheted throw on her lap she was wearing her sweat pants. I think people over eighty should always be comfortable!


  1. What a great photo! I am with you anyone who is retired should be comfortable:)

    1. Thanks. I was lucky enough to win the contest with this one.