Friday, April 14, 2017

Walmart - The Search

Today we went to Walmart to look for men's handkerchiefs.

My, there are a lot of aisles with men's stuff: overalls, shirts, shorts (inner and outer,) socks, jeans, undershirts, gloves, pajamas, t-shirts, bandanas (they were close to the handkerchiefs.)

After strolling for quite some time, Lee asked a clerk. One nice thing about this store and the big grocery store we have - when you ask, they will lead. They don't just say, "Two aisles over."

I also picked up more yarn. I am always told get all that you need. I do for what I'm working on now, but who knows what colors I'll use later?

So with a fine mist and a strong wind, we came home and plan to stay in the rest of Good Friday..

What an exciting day.


  1. I flew back from Ireland on Good Friday, 7 hours on Aer Lingus. Lots of naps.

    1. Sounds like an uneventful flight. And that is good.