Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Morning

 If that picture looks a little disoriented, so am I.

The long white sheet of paper represents the long arm of the law. On my way to a craft sale, I evidently "rolled" through a stop sign. First ticket I have received since I've been driving (1945) when the license was fifty cents and the two questions asked were, "Are you color blind?" and "Do you have seizures?"  No learner's permit or classes.

It was a simpler time.
And now, after criticizing other drivers for turning into the wrong lane, running through red lights and speeding by me, I have a ticket on my record.  They aren't chintzy in the charges. $106.                  Well, it's in the mail. The policeman was very nice and told me after checking with dispatch that I was an upstanding citizen.

Merry Christmas.
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