Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Time for Breakfast?

If you  have a toaster and a microwave, you can have toast and a scrambled egg in about
a minute.
Use the fork to whip the egg, adding just a splash of water as I saw Julia Childs
do for an omelet.
Grab a foam drinking cup and place egg into it.
Place bread in toaster.
Put cup in microwave, choosing one minute at HI. (I later tried 45 seconds - fluffier!)
One word of caution: At this point your toaster needs to be faster than ours. The Cuisinart takes three times as long  to toast
a piece of bread than it takes to cook the egg...three minutes!
Remove cup from microwave; butter toast and enjoy.
Sure - the egg looks funny but tastes great.
You can add some shredded cheese or diced green pepper or ham if desired.
Another warning: Do not do this in a regular coffee mug or cup made of glass.
It won't hurt the mug but as Lee's boss, Mac, found out when  he tried this in the '70's,
that cup is a killer to clean. With the foam, just throw it out. Our recycler doesn't accept foam items
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