Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Tree of Poinsettias

A fun afteroon for looking at Christmas stuff on sale at Stutzman's. After seeing all the Christmas bargains, Mary spotted rows of tables full of pots with tiny little green plants. Easter Lilies.  Spring is on the way.
Then we had a shopping spree at Glenn's Bulk Foods. My big purchase included English Toffee Cappuccino Mix. Add 1/3 cup to 8 oz. hot water. The smoothest coffee drink I have ever had! Almost like hot chocolate. I hesitate to read the ingredients because it may be full of bad stuff. If I only have one cup every other day, it couldn't hurt too much, could it?

Back to the city of South Hutch and regular coffee at Mickey D's with friends - great to do on a winter day. Thanks for the laughs. . .
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