Sunday, December 2, 2012


Six twenty-three a.m., December 2nd.

Our trees, squirrel nests and a colorful sunrise.
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  1. God bless you Marylou, you always remind me of what is important, lest I forget, which I often do.
    Holly cow! I just made a poem! It's the smallest things that ultimately are the biggest things. I love your blog and check in often. love you - Jenny - xooxoxoxox

  2. Jenny, so glad to hear you peek in to this "nothing" blog! I have fun doing it.

    Love you! mln

  3. You must live quite a ways east of me....are you sure it wasn't 7:23????? It's still VERY dark here at 6:23!! :)

  4. A simple typo. The camera time date says 8:23.
    I do make mistakes from time to time and lately it seems more often than not!