Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pleasantview Spring Celebration

Posted by PicasaA friend, Linda, and I went to Pleasantview this morning. Every year they have a celebration with all the businesses located about five miles southwest of town.
We visited the furniture store (homemade cookies), Glenn's Bulk Foods (samples of dried fruit or soy snacks and pencils)
the fabric store, Bill's Sewing Machines shop, the travel agency, and finally, the bank which is pictured here.
Folks were lined up for free root beer floats (all day) and a  spin on a wheel that was loaded with one dollar, two dollar, five and tens and I think I saw a twenty and a fifty!
Linda spun and won a two dollar bill.
I spun and landed on a five.
The prize for the five was a gold dollar. We both had a lot of fun, didn't spend a dime and came out ahead in the money department.
I just heard that someone in Kansas won part of the megamillions lottery.
It wasn't either one of us but we felt lucky with our "wheel" winnings.

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