Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Memorial Hall

The large building is Memorial Hall, formerly known as Convention Hall. Some folks wanted to tear it down a few years ago. Instead, smarter people prevailed and the buiding was refurbished.
Of course, they had to rename it  Memorial Hall. They felt that people might think it was a location for conventions. Horrors!
In the foreground is Cow Creek. This area was a mess just a while back. Luckily, the city used some employees and cleaned up the creek (even though it is still muddy which is common in this part of the country) but the trash is gone and the new concrete retaining walls along with fencing and landscaping. It's a pleasant little park that also contains a gazebo. That will be the next project because it is need of repair too.
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Below is a post card found on the internet taken from approximately the same spot several years ago! It was taken before the concrete walls had fallen into the creek.
Convention Hall Hutchinson Kansas

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