Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Old Betty Crocker

Posted by PicasaI found this old (1957) cook book in some files the other day. They were really pushing Bisquik.
One of the recipes had tuna, cheese, onion, celery, eggs and milk.
It sounded interesting and L. likes tuna.
We made it but I failed to make the "Tuna Sauce" to serve over it so it was a tad dry.
Seeing all these recipes of pies, biscuits, cake etc. I wonder why we weren't heavier in those days.
Maybe because we were more active,
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  1. I just became a follower. I really enjoy reading your posts and I think that we have some things in common. I love Betty Crocker and I have a few of these old mini cookbooks from the 50's.My Mom was a big fan of Betty Crocker too. I have her old beat up cookbook...wouldn't trade it for a new one. Balisha