Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Hertzler Hospital, Halstead, KS

This is how I remember the hospital in Halstead, KS, my mom's hometown. I walked by here many times on my way to town with my grandmother.
Dr. Hertzler was very famous in this part of Kansas. He wrote at least two books, The Horse and Buggy Doctor and The Doctor and His Patients.  I have copies of both, signed by him to my mom who was a nurse there. She graduated in the class of 1923 at the age of nineteen.
In the 1970's in the lobby of the new hospital, there were large panels with the pictures of all the graduates through the years. I believe the hospital is now used for a different


  1. A bit of history! I love these kind of posts. Did you have to hunt for the photo, or has it been in your family?

  2. Just found it on a site with photos from different states and the counties within them. It was emailed to me.

  3. tp://>
    This is the site for the old postcard pics from various states and counties.

  4. I would love too see old pictures of the hospital. My grandfather was on staff there, and I spent a lot of time in the park as a child after I would walk him to work in the mornings while visiting. Misha (Michigan)

    1. Suddenly I am unable to post photos to my blog. My browser is not "compatible" and it's the one I've been using! Go to and click on Harvey county Kansas.