Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phone Books - On the Way Out?

Will these eventually go the way of the Encyclopedia Brittanica? I know I seldom use them anymore. All the numbers I need are on my cell phone.
For the past several days we have been receiving some marketing calls on our "landline." (Yes, we still  have one of those.)  even though we are on a no-call list, we received calls daily from a Wichita number that showed up on our Caller ID. After ignoring quite a few calls, I finally answered it. They are selling something I'm not interested in and I politely told them so.
The calls continued. Finally this morning I answered and told him we are on the no-call list  and please do not call again. He apologized and said he would remove our name immediately from their list!
Two hours later, he called again. "Tom, you called earlier and I asked you to remove our name. You stated that you would do so immediately."
He hung up on me.
Now, was that nice?
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