Sunday, March 31, 2019

Serious. Opinion.

I have felt I have changed with the social differences that have come about during my life.

Do what you feel is right for you if it does not hurt others.

Live your own truth.

Don't let others dictate what you should do with your life.


But now, my one thing that I see as stupid is a woman feeling she was mildly mistreated (I'm not talking physical abuse with actual wounds.) by a male. Possibly five years ago; maybe twenty years ago. If she didn't speak up then and address it directly, then keep your mouth shut and don't try to get your fifteen minutes of fame on the cable news networks.

I'm done - preaching.


  1. yes, I totally agree. Some women are so dumb...speak up when it happens or shut up :)

    1. I notice in the video clip that was taken the same day this happened, the "wronged" woman was very aggressively giving her previous harasser a big hug.

  2. I agree
    In high school for our jr play, I played a maid hydrangea—yelp I had a black face so I can never run for political office.