Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday and Warm Temperatures

What a lovely morning. No wind and it will be in the sixties by afternoon.

We have been eating breakfast earlier and together. Usually I am up first and need something to eat so we seldom ate that first meal together. Now we have had several days of an early breakfast together!
Very nice change.

Lee has been filing insurance papers. They do pile up!

I received an early birthday card today from my sister-in-law in South Jersey NJ 080, according to the postmark! No town listed. I've never been east of Frankfort, KY.   Wait.   I've been to Florida but not the northeast part of the U.S. I would love to see New England but will have to just see photos. When I was a kid we went west because that's where the relatives were: Arizona and California. I feel lucky I got to see that part of the country. Much later our son moved to Oregon and I had a cousin in Washington state....both beautiful places to visit. I would be happy to live either place but we love our little flat town in the middle of the country; usually quiet and not the rush and rat race of bigger places. And then there is Texas. Dalhart had dear friends there and now the other son and his family near Dallas.

I have great memories of traveling. And lots of photos!

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  1. I would like to see New England also, I have been to Georgia and Florida but nothing north of those states. Lots of people out there! So I probably wouldn't like it! Enjoy your spring weather!