Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Is Facebook Psychic?

I do not believe that I have mentioned anywhere on the internet that I did something to my back.

Or - my back has done something to me. I must have lifted something heavy. Or I may have lifted something in an awkward manner but lower back pain is now my companion.

I'm ok if I don't bend forward, sit down, stand up, turn or reach.

Yesterday I was looking at Facebook and I swear that an ad popped up about lower back pain and Medicare. Can reading minds be part of their invasive powers?


  1. :0 Who knows for sure! I kno when ever I search for something i get a whole bunch of "stuff" as ads:)

  2. Maybe I did search - and just forgot it!

  3. I didn't hear you hurt your back! Hope it is better! This is probably just conspiracy but I've heard your smart phone hears everything while it is turned on, even if you are not using it and thus harvested by FB....queue the Twilight Zone music...

    1. Now that is a conspiracy theory to top some others! Wow!