Sunday, March 10, 2019


I didn't  reset the clocks before I went to bed last night as I usually do. All night I kept waking up and checking the time on our bedroom alarm. Very unrestful.

So this morning about 5:00 (6:00?) I finally got up, ate some breakfast and changed all seven time pieces. What a ridiculous amount of clocks in a small house. Three were gifts: one for our 50th wedding anniversary from a dear neighbor, one from the realtor who helped us buy this house and one from my cousin, Marcheta. It is a grandmother clock with beautiful chimes. It belonged to her mother, Violet. The others are an alarm and wall clocks in the kitchen, bathroom and computer room. I guess they have just accumulated and we don't get rid of anything unless it quits working.

I used to wear a wrist watch but when cell phones became a constant presence, I depend on it instead.

Now if we could just get the government, or the powers that be, to just set the time at one place or the other and leave it alone.


  1. I never did set the clocks at my daughter house!
    I just did the math and added an hour:(

  2. I want light later year round!