Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wedding Photos, 1928

On May 11, 1928 my mom and dad were married. Not a big fancy affair and they took photos afterward at the park. The second photo is the bride and groom with the husband's parents, my grandparents, on the left. Ada and Delmar were only fifty-seven. Why do they look so much older than that to me? Mom and dad were twenty-four and thirty. (My dad would have preferred I kept that number a couple of digits lower - he liked to lower his age. Even when he got a hunting license at twenty-three, his age is listed as twenty-one.) In the next photo which is the wedding party, some were left out. Either the camera had a defective view finder, or the photographer liked that big tree.
Fred Hampton, Wayne Dewey (the child), Delmar and Ada Brown, Eliza Hampton and Ernest Dewey.
In this photo are my dad, Dewey Brown, his dad, Delmar, mother, Ada, Aunt "Lizy" Ernest Dewey and seated are my mom, Selma Wright Brown and Violet Hampton Dewey.