Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Service Engine Soon

This light has been shining through on the dash of our van since last Friday. Today we drove to the Ford garage and made an appointment to put the vehicle on the computer and see what is going on.
That will be today at 1:00.  Charge $100. 
Just to look?
The path forward was block. so I backed out after assuring the woman I knew how to back up :(
After running some errands, I looked down and the warning is gone.
They have a powerful garage there. Drive in. Car is fixed. Appointment cancelled till next time the light appears.


  1. Sometimes it is the gas cap, we have a vehicle that does it because of a fuel sensor down in the fuel tank, they said 400$ to replace it, we said no thanks:(

    1. Lee said it might be the fuel cap but we didn't touch it and the light went out. So far, so good.