Friday, September 4, 2015

Blurry Memories

I was never into decorating a room or knowing how to stage a place to prepare a home for a sale. Our younger son used his skill to fix his room the way he wanted it. The painting came first - a shiny finish in bright colors. The flags, the bureau and the desk with a blue shag rug and a yellow bean bag chair. His mom helped by making a bed cover to match in the granny square pattern. Later it took three coats of ecru to cover up the red, yellow and blue. We loved it but changed it after he was off to college. The activity here is limited to in the house. More heat than we'd like outside with high 90's is continuing to the end of the week. The state fair starts next week so there may be some rain by then! But while staying inside, I've been crocheting the last of four afghans for the grand girls.


  1. What a bright room! I have been staying inside away from the heat too! Have fun with your afghans! :)

  2. I remember everything about that room except the blue carpet.

  3. That chair in the photo made into a twin size bed! Gift from the N. grandparents.