Sunday, September 27, 2015

At this very drive through we stopped yesterday to order some lunch. This photo was taken months ago but yesterday while we were ordering, an older, brown car whipped around us and stopped behind the car waiting ahead of us for their order. I had never been "cut in" at a line to a drive-in! When the intruder reached the window, there was a long delay. My better half suggested just leaving. I would not do that to the work crew who seemed to be having issues with the woman in a hurry. After two discussions with two different workers, she received her food and left. As I parked by the window, the pleasant lady said, "I want to confirm your order," and read it to me. Yes, I said. Then I explained what had happened. They, of course, didn't realize what had happened and added her "window" order to our order, thinking she was just getting an additional item. They had added the two amounts and it seems she did not want to pay for ours! This took some time to sort out and the crew was amazed. I don't believe this had happened to them before. We had a laugh (and a subject for this blog.) Some folks have a lot of guts, nerve, boldness - whatever you want to call. Later a friend told me she saw this happen at a McDonald's. In her case, the car was from a neighboring county but our lady was local. Speaking of the Golden Arches, one of ours has a double drive through with two ordering windows and the cars merge after ordering. We have never seen anyone try to sneak across the line!

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  1. That is such bad behavior, they should have told her to go to the end of the line:(