Sunday, September 6, 2015

Morning Milk Shake

Out and about earlier this morning to buy spider spray. There are too many webs where we want to be. On the way back home, we stopped at the Golden Arches and ordered L. a large chocolate milk shake. $3.49. Please pull forward. Fourth in line we arrived at the window and paid. Pull forward to serving window. Clerk says, "You wanted the mocha with no cream?" No, a large chocolate milk shake. "Oh. We can't do that now. Could I get you something else?" "I'll take the mocha." "No, that's for someone else." "No, just my money back, I guess." "Please pull forward." In my rear view mirror I saw them hand out another mocha with no cream on top to the lady in the following car. They could have given that to me instead of dumping it! When the apologetic young man gave us our money, he explained the machine wasn't working - the reason they couldn't "do that now" was not the hour of the day (10:00 a.m.) I told him they might tell the order taker that! She obviously didn't know about the malfunction. Another day in the life of little inefficiencies because of our dependence on machines....even milk shake makers.


  1. Remember those malts in a cup that you used to eat with a wooden spoon, they have them at our super is almost a malt! :)

    1. Here they called them frosted malts and were new when I was kid!