Thursday, September 17, 2015


Who knew that Starbuck's has Smoothies? I saw it on the internet. So we decided, after a trip to the bank, to try a couple. I told the clerk I understood they have smoothies. He said yes. I told him we wanted two. He asked if I would like a chocolate croissant. No thanks. He gave me the total for one Smoothie...$4.64. I said I wanted two. He said something else about the order and I said, "Two." Again he said, "$4.64." I told Lee, I think we are getting one. We'll just split it." Went to the window and a female barista took my card. She was replaced by the young man who had taken the order. He was visiting about our day. I told him we are very happy but we did order two smoothies but don't worry, we'll split it. He was apologetic and asked if we wanted to wait for another one. "No thanks." And then Lee handed me the tip for the jar. The guy said he didn't want to accept it. In fact, he reached out and pushed the lock button on the van door signifying that he didn't want us to tip. I told him that we always tip and that we love Starbucks. I think this was a lesson to baristas everywhere. Listen to the customers before you try soliciting add-on items to the order and for me, make sure you get a confirmation before you drive to the service window. These little occasions make life so interesting.

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  1. You should make your own smoothies! Obviously the kid wasn't listening:)