Sunday, August 30, 2015

Boiling the Bacon

I am a sucker for trying stuff I see on tv or on the internet. The latest was a new way (to me) to cook bacon. Since I have had problems in the past with burning bacon while trying to get it cooked through, this looked perfect. Place bacon in skillet and add water to cover. Use high heat until the water boils. Lower heat to medium. Fine so far. At this point the water did not seem to cook away as it did on the video. I spent several minutes spooning out fat that separated from the meat. Yuck. Finally I just poured out the water and let the four slices brown on medium heat. In the example the water evaporated and then the browning began. Oh well. It did turn out ok. There was not as much shrinking as in frying. Our bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches were good. Next time think I'll try baking it. I've heard that is another alternative. And there's always the microwave.