Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I've been buying pink yard since a year ago last April. So last week I needed another skein from Wal-Mart along with some other colors.
After I got home without my penny change, (see previous blog on July 29th ) I found out I had picked up the wrong pink! Instead of Perfect Pink, I had a pale pink. Back to the store with sack and receipt.
It is necessary to go to the service desk and explain. She told me to just bring the one I need back to the desk. Can you put the new one in the old sack and just leave?
There is a procedure the poor girl had to go through; scan the price code. That didn't work so she typed in the long number. She noted on my receipt the new number, replacing the old.
I signed my name with one of those stylus things that make it look as if you never have written it before. Result? Chicken scratches.
I apologized for putting her through all this. She said that is what she is there for and just her job!
I think next time I'll just go buy the color I need and keep the paler pink for possibly another project.
She was very pleasant and a good start to a good day!

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  1. Pretty work. It was worth getting the right color.