Thursday, August 13, 2015

Peanut Butter Multi-Grain Toasted Cereal

The title on the box surprised me because the large photo looked like Cheerios ( In my long ago childhood, they were Cheerioats) Then I noticed it was the grocery brand. I bought them anyway. They are my new favorite snack. Less fat than buttered popcorn, no added salt needed although I imagine there is plenty in them anyway. I remember seeing ads with babies eating them and picking them up using remarkable dexterity. So now this is my snack of choice. (Trying to cut down on the cake and doughnuts which Somebody keeps buying and toting home from the grocers.)


  1. Looks good! I can just imagine stuff flying into your grocery cart...that happens to me too:)

    1. I have help from the other half throwing things into the cart!