Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Hospital

Forty years ago our new hospital was opened in the fall of 1975. The merger of the two hospitals in town made sense and some wise people managed to get the Methodists and the Catholics to agree. I worked at Hutchinson Hospital South at the switchboard (PBX) and loved that job. We were so excited, watching it being built - way out east of town, on land donated by a nice local family. It has gone through several name changes: Hutchinson Hospital, Promise Regional Medical Center and now, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. We old timers just call it Hutchinson Hospital. The area has continued to grow with several clinics, a dialysis center, mental health facilities, cancer center and care home. We are very fortunate to have forward looking folks back then willing to build on a new location and not try to modernize old buildings. Those buildings have been converted to offices in one and nice apartments in the other. At least they weren't torn down which has happened to too many places here in Hutch.

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