Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Beginning of the Afghan

It's very quiet here with all the granddaughters, sons and wives gone. I have started an afghan for
Miss Lily. While she was here, she received a small one for her "babies." I was able to get a more
practical size finished for her sister, Miss Emma, and told Lily that I would make one for her.
I gave her a chance to choose colors but she liked the ones used for the dolls and for the larger one.
So, without a pattern and just randomly using the colors, the two afghans will not be alike.
They each have quilts that I made when I was quilting and there are many more here that they
can divide between the four of them when I am no longer using them.
And Judith is the one who inspired me to make this type of cover. She has made them for her grandchildren.


  1. I started an afghan too...another work in progress. I like to have a project that is mindless while I watch TV:)

    1. Mine is completely mindless because I have no pattern. Just making it up as I go.