Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quiet Walker

Last week I went to a local funeral home to pay my respects. This particular building is on a corner lot with a side door entrance in addition to the main front door. There was a large tree making a big blob of shade right outside that side door and that was the place I parked. I believe the temperature was a warm 100 degrees. As I entered the cool and silent vestibule, I heard some soft music playing. I walked down the carpeted hall to the main room, signed the book and noticed none of the family was present. The article in the paper mentioned they would be there from two to four but it was deserted at five. I noticed a room with a pitcher of water, glasses and a large plate of cookies. Across from that area was the office. I walked toward that area and a gentleman was reading with his chair turned sideways from the door. I don't remember whether I spoke or cleared my throat but the poor fellow was startled. He jumped and quivered - just like you see in the movies. I felt so bad that I had frightened him. Then he laughed and said I must be a quiet walker. We chatted for a few minutes and I apologized. He did mention that most visitors come in the front door which is next to his office so he is aware! I sat for a while in the room with the cookies (I didn't partake.) The family never returned so I left. Maybe they should put a bell on that side door.

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