Thursday, August 14, 2014

Neighborhood Grocers #3

And Smitty's Market was located four blocks south and three blocks east of Bill's at 1218 North Adams
in Hutchinson. This is where our family story happened about milk going from ten cents a quart to eleven cents.
My mom was in a hurry pick up my dad from work. She grabbed a dime so she could also
pick up a quart of milk. When she laid the dime on the counter, the clerk pulled back the milk.
She shopped there a lot and thought he could have trusted for a penny until the next time she came in.


  1. That's funny...nowdays they have a saucer with pennies just for that reason.
    It seems that all the little neighborhood mom and pop stores are gone. It's a shame, because so many people who are without transportation, need a little store in their neighborhood. I guess that 7 Elevens and Gas and Grubs are the substitute. They are so expensive though.

    1. Speaking of expensive, I ran out of garlic powder. I had a bottle that was probably ten years old. At the store today I picked one up - $7.59. I know it would last for another ten years but I put it back. Garlic salt is cheaper!