Thursday, August 25, 2011

Small Towns

I really like small towns. Some people might think 40,000 is a small town but I am talking about just a few thousand. This shot is of the Main Street of Inman, KS, (population1180, according to Google) where we went this morning for home made cream puffs at the Harvest Cafe. I understand they have these every other Thursday. They are worth the drive on a nice cool morning and especially worth it to meet two friends who rode their bicycles from Hutch.

Posted by PicasaYesterday I had lunch with a dear person and her husband. She is actually a relative and the relationship on paper is distant - 2nd cousin once removed - but not distant in feelings.
Her mom, Marcheta, and I were very close and we lived in the same area for Pam's first two years.

Now this evening I have a dinner engagement (!) with another friend and coffee in the morning with another. This is more social life than I've had all summer!

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