Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Face

This cheerful leaf was how our day started - a trip to the groomers to get Mork trimmed (plenty of hot weather left) and then a short jaunt to the family style restaurant where we could actually "eat out" together. A fine day, right?
After we ordered, we were engaged in trying to fight the swarm of flies.  It might have been a good idea to pick up and leave then.
But we didn't. After the food arrived, which was very good, we continued the battle. After flies landed on a straw in L's drink, he got a new straw and the same thing happened again. We just gave up. L. didn't finish his steak sandwich. When the waitress brought the check, we explained and she said they had been trying to spray to control them. L. assured her we knew it wasn't her fault. She asked if he would like something else. No thanks.
When the cashier asked how everything was, the reply was "The food was good but the flies were terrible."
No offer to reduce the check or apology. Oh well.

After that the day got worse. It was a little cooler today though - high 80's. Be thankful for small favors, as my mom used to say.
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  1. Flies, in fact, are a great source of protein and delicious if prepared properly....

  2. You have to catch them first. . .