Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Tale of the Grocery Store

We needed to pick up stuff for chili. It's going to get cold and that sounded good to Lee. Now we have enough food ahead that we can avoid getting out when it's really cold.

We received a coupon for $9.00 when the amount of your bill is $90.  Missed it by $5.

I need to carry a calculator to add up what I'm throwing in the cart.                        

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  1. We get coupons for 10 cents off a gallon for purchases under 100 after that it is 15 cents.. we can use two coupons at a time and my husband thinks we should push for two 15 cent coupons...
    We have enough food in this house to feed part of an army for the winter. One of these weeks I will just need milk bread and fresh veggies and fruit.
    Merry Christmas!